Nanjing ChinaBei International Consulting Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive consulting, service and intermediate organization that is set up by founder of Nanjing Yongcheng International Consulting & Assessing Co, Ltd. and approved by State Industrial and Commercial Administration. It is an independent legal person.

Taking advantage of the unique resources it possesses, ChinaBei is dedicated to provide services including development orientation, overall normative management, decision making & planning, project assessing & demonstrating, taxation planning, and personnel training etc. to economic organization, especially enterprises in their early stages. Supported by modern business ideas, the company follows the international common and recognized practices to make contributions to the society. At the mean time of offering the best service, ChinaBei will keep the secrets of its clients.

Backed by excellent consulting team, ChinaBei boasts solid strength, and is capable of providing services in diversified specialties. Its unique 'pioneering economics' series well meets the market requirements, and is a systematic service project that guides the healthy and stable development of new enterprises.

To adapt to the market economy and the enterprises' demand on development, the company has an expert commission consisting of 48 leading figures in their respective fields. In addition, it has co- established 'ChinaBei International "Pioneering Economics" Research Institute" with Nanjing University of Technology, which not only helps the pioneers to acquire modern management knowledge and management skills, but also give entrepreneurs the opportunities to obtain higher academic degrees.

ChinaBei sticks to the teamwork principle of 'pioneering, professional, dedicated, innovative, efficient and enterprising', and looks forward to any requirement from you!



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