Consultation on Economic Risks
Economic Management Consultation

>> Consultation on Economic Risks

Consultation Scope
* International economic risk consultation
* Planning consultation
* Business investigation & consultation
* Project investment argumentation & consultation
* Market intermediate consultation
* Personal credit risk consultation & training

Consultation Services
* International Economic Risks Consultation
Classified information of international economic trend;
Market entry strategy to adapt to international market changes;
Analysis on economic globalization, admittance skills to international market for domestic enterprises;

* Planning Consultation
Municipal, county and town economic development and competition strategies for governments in accordance with WTO rules.

* Business Investigation & Consultation
Domestic or international business traing and investigation for government officials and senior management personnel in enterprises;
International advanced traing for professionals in enterprises;
Effective consultation on international study for youth;
Arrangement of business investigation and consultation in China for foreign institutions;
Recommendation of investment projects and application of effective files for foreign and domestic enterprises;

* Project Investment Argumentation & Consultation
Investment assessment and argumentation;
Assessment, consultation and argumentation of merges for domestic and international enterprises;
Financing consultation as consigned by enterprises;
Follow-up management, capital operation, annual examination, objective diagnosis and healthy financing for investment projects of enterprises;

* Market Intermediate Consultation
Intermediate services for real estate development and transactions;
Personnel intermediate services;
Commodity management, folk culture communication, visible/invisible capital transfer and property right exchange intermediate services;
Agency and intermediate services as consigned by foreign and domestic enterprises;
Economic forum organization & entitling and other conference services;

* Personal Credit Risks Consultation & Training
Training of marginal personnel of market economy for enterprises;
Education and training for presidents, general manageres and senior executives;
Specified and entitled training;

Consultation on Economic Risks
Economic Management Consultation

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